is an effective method of heating and melting metal for use in a variety of industrial processes.
We manufacture process lines in which the main elements are heaters and induction furnaces of our production.
Thanks to modern technological solutions, EnergoEl induction heaters and furnaces provide high efficiency and process dynamics.
We specialize in making high frequency induction heaters and furnaces for industrial and laboratory applications. Our experience in designing power electronics has allowed us to develop modern devices with high energy efficiency. Low power losses translate directly into reduced operating costs associated with reduced demand for electricity. The implementation of our proprietary IPM-EnergoEl (Intelligent Power Management) system allows for optimal, automatic adjustment of the equipment's power output to changing load conditions. All EnergoEl products are manufactured by EnergoEl, and are available in a wide range of sizes and weights. All EnergoEl products are developed and manufactured from start to finish in Poland.
Induction furnance
... PDP Series
Induction heater
... IHM Series


We provide induction hardening services using our own workstations, which we can flexibly adapt to the required process.


We perform soldering services with soft and hard solders (tin, brass, silver, etc.). We cooperate with flux and solder suppliers, which gives us the possibility of precise adjustment of the soldering process to the individual needs of our customers.


We specialize in the development of industrial power electronics devices and production lines.
We perform both unit studies and implementations of serial production.
Extensive experience in the design and implementation of production, combined with a technological background ensures fast execution of orders.
We perform engineering tests of equipment supplied by customers in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and protection against electric shock. We provide maintenance services for power electronic devices.


We provide services related to induction melting and casting of both standard casting metals such as brass, bronze, etc. and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. As well as precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc.


We perform retrofits of existing lines and stands for heating and induction melting. We undertake modernization of stands based on older generation heaters and induction furnaces.
We perform repairs of mechanical instrumentation included in the stands as well as modernization of production process control automation systems.


We provide electromagnetic compatibility testing services.
We have stationary and portable devices to measure interference, electric and magnetic field strength, which can be made available for testing.

Energoel Industry

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Specjalizujemy się w wykonywaniu wysokiej częstotliwości nagrzewnic i pieców indukcyjnych do zastosowań przemysłowych i laboratoryjnych.

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