Carbide brazing

Carbide brazing is a process in which it is important to ensure uniformity of heating of both the carbide and the substrate to which it is brazed. Industrial knife design is based on the use of carbide inserts often brazed to sizable steel substrates. Besides the problem with different temperature expansion of carbide inserts and substrate, which has to be compensated in different ways depending on the solution, it is important not to overheat the carbide itself. Solutions using an oxy-acetylene torch can be problematic due to the high temperature of the flame, which acts on the carbide surface causing it to crack. In turn, heating the substrate itself can often be problematic due to the need for even heating of the often long industrial knives. Soldering with the help of induction heater not only ensures the repeatability of soldering process, but often enables its complete automation.

By appropriately adapting the shape of the inductor to the workpiece to be soldered, it is possible to precisely establish the zones of influence of the magnetic field on the soldering blade and thus ensure an optimal, uniform temperature distribution from the beginning to the end of the soldering process.

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