Hardening of rollers and pulley raceways

Induction hardening of rollers allows hardening of external or internal sliding surfaces. The hardening of external surfaces can be carried out using inductors with the workpiece centrally positioned inside. In this solution, after heating, the coolant can be applied by spraying, as in shaft hardening, or by completely immersing the roll in water or oil.

In internal bore hardening, inductors are used which shape the magnetic field around their outer contours. The cooling solutions are analogous to those used in the hardening of external roller parts.

In either case, the roller should be put into a rotating motion to uniform the temperature distribution.

Another solution, used in the case of large rolls, is zone heating with a small-sized inductor with a spray nozzle located in its immediate vicinity. The station in this case must be equipped with a turntable ensuring constant rotational movement of the roll, with rotation adapted to the heating process.

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